Why You Might Need Asbestos Removal Experts Glenelg, not just serving Glenelg 5045 but the whole of the Holdfast Bay area, from Brighton, Seacliff, Somerton Park and Hove, through Warradale, and beyond. Many homes in this region built before 1960, have a high likelihood of containing asbestos. We do asbestos testing, and can come and take a look if you think there is some type of walling or substance that looks a little bit suspect.

With this many years in the industry, we can usually tell at a glance if it’s asbestos or if it’s safe. But we still have all the modern proper testing facilities just to be sure.

Asbestos was regarded as something of a miracle material when it was first used in construction during the 1970s. It was made popular because it was a fibrous material that was relatively cheap to produce and its insulating properties could not (then) be matched by man-made materials. It was fireproof, the boards that were used in housing were cheap (including as roofing materials) to make and they were easy to handle.

However, the dangers of Asbestos soon became apparent. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the use of Asbestos in 1973 – specifically in when it came to use in housing. However, ongoing litigation by the Asbestos industry in the U.S. has seen the use of Asbestos continues. In the European Union, the situation is very different.

Taking into account the many cases of cancer (especially those involving the lungs and respiratory tract) the use of Asbestos is deemed as dangerous – and this has implications for those who have homes that were built during the 70s.

In certain circumstances, those who want to perform renovations to their homes may be required by law to inspect the walls and roofing (and other parts of the home) to ensure that Asbestos is not present. However, this is not simply a regulatory requirement – to put it simply Asbestos is extremely dangerous to those who are in the home and those who are performing the renovations. Fortunately, there are companies that have the expertise to remove Asbestos material safely. Many of these companies are licensed to remove Asbestos of both Class A and B (there are two types).

The removal calls for specialised skills and equipment – and for those who are contemplating renovations or who are considering the purchase of a new property it is absolutely essential that they consult with Asbestos removal experts in Glenelg. They provide testing services and can remove Asbestos material in a manner that will reduce harm to the inhabitants of a household. The peace of mind that is provided through the services of such companies is well worth the investment.

We are licensed for both Class A and Class B asbestos removal. This means we can remove Friable asbestos (the extremely volatile kind because it easily breaks up into the air), and one of the few companies in South Australia licensed for both. This means we can remove any and all types of asbestos legally, and safely.

Call us for a free inspection and quote, and we can have a chat about your plans and how we can assist you in Glenelg or right through any part of Adelaide.