Expert Asbestos Removal Riverland

We removal harmful asbestos throughout the Riverland, in Berri, Renmark, Barmera, Monash, Waikerie, Morgan, Loxton, and right throughout the Riverland.

Although the use of asbestos was officially banned for use in construction in the 80’s in Australia, the legislation was never entirely enacted until a few years ago. Many buildings in Adelaide and Berri and the Riverland therefore still contain this hazardous material. However, if there is a concern that asbestos does exist, it is critical to call an expert asbestos removal company immediately.

Asbestos causes diseases of a respiratory nature including lung  mesothelioma and pleural effusion among others. Both of these illnesses are currently incurable and can be fatal.

  1. Asbestos Inspection Riverland

Asbestos Removal Experts will first inspect a building and test for asbestos. If asbestos is present, they will immediately declare the building to be unsafe. An unsafe building cannot be inhabited by humans and may not be used for commercial or industrial purposes. It is recommended to be prepared for a positive result and make arrangements for immediate asbestos removal in order for business operations to resume or residents to return to their homes as soon as possible.

  1. Asbestos Removal Team in Berri – Barmera

It is essential to leave the business premises or home while asbestos removal is being performed. All materials will be removed by an Expert Asbestos Removal team wearing appropriate safety and protective gear. All materials affected by asbestos will either be removed or disinfected. Asbestos materials will be suitably disposed off according to regulations. It is highly recommended to opt for professional asbestos removal and not attempt to remove any asbestos materials.

  1. Demolition in Berri

In the event that asbestos cannot safely be removed from a structure or where it will compromise the integrity of the structure, demolition of the structure will become necessary. Demolition can be performed by Expert Asbestos Removal Riverland. The remaining building rubble and debris will need to be removed and disposed of according to regulations. The site cannot be opened for new construction until it is entirely clear of asbestos.

If there is any concern that asbestos may be present in a building, call Expert Asbestos Removal in the Riverland as soon as possible.