Welcome to Asbestos Removal Experts Salisbury: Serving Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs for All Asbestos Testing and Removal. Fully Licensed, Fully Trained.

Adelaide’s Answer To Asbestos Removal

Asbestos can cause untold problems to buildings, as well as the health of people who live close by. That’s why if you have identified, or even are suspicious of a potential asbestos issue it is vital to enlist the help of an asbestos expert. What can we do to help you if you have found yourself in just that very situation?

Asbestos Testing in Adelaide’s North

We are experienced and qualified in testing for asbestos and identifying the level of problem that exists in any given area.

Asbestos Removal – A Class and B Class

We are fully licensed for A class and B class asbestos removal so if a problem is identified you don’t need to worry about us leaving you stranded, you can rely on us to rid you of the issue for once and for all time.

Operating As A Demolition Company

Of course, asbestos removal often isn’t a stand-alone issue. Since we operate as a demolition company we are ready and waiting to fulfil all of your needs.

Experienced Advice

Our team is made up of experts who are experienced and qualified in the world of all things asbestos. Granted, it may not be a world that particularly interests you, but we eat, breathe and sleep asbestos (not literally, may I add!) So if you have queries, concerns or even just a random question relating to asbestos and asbestos removal, we are the people to call.

The Bottom Line On Asbestos Removal in Adelaide

We know that asbestos can cause awful problems and a lot of anxiety, especially if left to get worse. Whether you are looking for a potential asbestos situation to be assessed, want to book a team of experts for asbestos removal, or need a full demolition task carried out we really are Adelaide’s answer to asbestos removal!